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´╗┐Legendary British automobile brand AC today has over 100 years of history. In 1901 it was founded not lacking talent designer John Weller and entrepreneur John Portwein. First finished car model they released in 1903, and presented it at the London motor show. Unfortunately, because of the high value he never went into serial production, and the company began to seek ways to reduce the cost of its products.

In 1907, the AC produced its first passenger car "Sociable". The firm continues the slow development until in 1921 it will not go into the hands of the new owner. Running, S. F. edge, it begins to produce sports cars to participate in various competitions. Released machines are very successful, and control their riders showed very good results in the races held all over the world. Racing car AC 1926 set a record speed of 100 mph in the class of cars with an engine capacity of 1.5 liters.

In 1953 the company "AC" has developed and released a model called "Ace", which had twice more powerful motor than the previous one, which had attracted her attention. And after 9 years the vehicle "Cobra" has brought us international recognition. He stood on one stage with such famous sports cars of that time, as the Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang, and the developer was an American designer Carol Shelby.

However, after that AC did not show any notable successes, continuing to hold only on the popularity gradually aging developments. By the early 80-ies it has led the firm to the brink of bankruptcy, and brothers Harlock who it belonged to at the time, sold it to Ford Motors and the company Autocraft. AC long time remained in the shadows, and only in 1996, when it acquired by businessman Alan Lubinsky, again began to develop new models of cars, two of which have become quite widely known is the Mamba and Ace. However, disagreements with Carol Shelby again put before the "AC" the threat of bankruptcy, and in 2004 the production of the car stopped again. A year later, the new investors helped the company to open a new plant in Malta, and things went uphill. Today, the company AC produces custom two car models, modeled on the classic "Cobra" - MKII 289 and MKIII 427.

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