History of Acabion

The company "Acabion" was founded in 2006 in the Swiss city of Lucerne. Its main activity is the development of fundamentally new types of transport. Concept cars of the company have an unusual shape, and often use non-standard sources of fuel.

In 2008 the company presented to the public a model-prototype Acabion GTBO36. The car is more similar to the rapid shark than a means of transportation, had an elongated shape and resembled his nose rocket. Inside it there was 2 seats for driver and passenger, and in the back there was a pretty big trunk. Maximum speed GTBO36 was reported as 500 km/h, limited by the capabilities of modern tires, and in the future we plan to increase it to 750 km/h, only removing restrictions in the engine control unit.

Currently this development of the company "Acabion" has already received permission to travel on the roads of Europe. Sales are carried out on pre-orders.

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