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In 1997 the US market a new model of Japanese premium brand Acura. CL coupe was the first car company Acura, production of which was launched in the United States. Acura CL is built on the platform of the popular Honda Accord and divides with this model in half the mass of the aggregates. Many motorists believes that CL was the replacement of the flagship model Legend line of Acura. However, this is not the case. Externally, the Acura CL does not change the traditions of the brand Honda. Rapid design uncompromising allocates the cars of this brand in grey thread.

Under the hood Acura CL was located row and V-shaped units with capacity from 145 to 200 HP Characteristic motors Acura - excellent traction on grassroots and elasticity. They "love" the momentum that allows a very aggressive ride if desired. However, this operation leads to the excessive oil consumption. A significant shortcoming of the Acura CL was the motor of Windows, which regularly broke. Therefore, car owners had to constantly the first time to change it under warranty. In 2000 he released the second generation of Acura CL with a new exterior.

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