Acura Integra Gallery


Car Acura Integra was launched in body sedan in 1991. He was considered a sports car on the front drive. Today, this car is already discontinued and its replacement is released model Acura TSX. The new car's beautiful design and its features shows that it belongs to the sports class. The initial version of the car Acura Integra is equipped with an audio player with support for CD-ROM drive, air conditioning, power Windows electrically, dynamic steering column. More premium sports version is equipped with a special upholstery interior made of leather, there are comfortable seats and additional options. In 2007, the fourth generation of the car Acura Integra stopped its release in Australia and North America. But for the Japanese domestic market car currently available. A selection of photos, tuning Acura Integra Type-R Acura Integra third generation).

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