Acura Mdx Ii Gallery


Acura MDX II - mid-size SUV, which received wide popularity in the United States. The company Honda at the time confidently headed for the North American automotive market with its luxury brand Acura. In 2009, the second generation of the Acura MDX has been updated. The changes are mostly in appearance and equipment of the vehicle. Acura MDX II is a great alternative to such cars as the Lexus RX, Infiniti FX. Appearance MDX II feature in the new corporate style of the company. As before, the MDX has 7 seats. The most comfortable are four separate seats of the first and second rows.

Despite the absence of their official dealers of the brand Acura in Russia, model MDX II enjoyed wide popularity among wealthy Russians. On demand had a positive impact stylish exterior "Acura", a powerful engine, excellent dynamics and comfort. The model is available with a 3.7-liter, V-shaped engine, paired with an automatic gearbox. In 2013, the debut of the third generation of premium MDX crossovers.

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