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Car Acura RSX is almost complete analog Honda Integra. This four-seat coupe with three doors, and running on a front-wheel drive. Model RSX produced during the period from 2002 to 2006. Delivered the car in two versions - standard and Type-S. In the basic version of the car was installed anti-theft system, cruise control, climate control, acoustics, Bose, sunroof, CD-audio, the seat of the tissue (the variant of leather), automatic transmission or manual transmission performance on five speeds. The engine is running at 6500 revolutions per minute. It has 160 HP Equipped car 2-liter I-VTEC engine.

In higher complete Type-S car is set acoustics Bose subwoofer and CD changer on 5 CDs. In addition, it installed leather seats with perforated, manual transmission with close-ratio 6-speed transmission. The speed of the engine are 7800, the power of the motor 212 HP a Range of photo, tuning Acura RSX.

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