History of Aixam

The company "Aixam-MEGA" is a French group of car manufacturers. The main activity is the production of miniature cars, both passenger and freight, and quadrocycles; to control most of the models in France are not required to have a driver's license. Plants Aixam-MEGA" are located in the commune of AIX-Les-Bains and CHANAS. The company's products are in demand not only in France but also in Europe and North America.

The date of Foundation of "Aixam-MEGA" was 1983, when the company "Arola" went bankrupt shortly before this, there have been production cars subcompact" under the brand "Aixam". The company gradually developed,and after 9 years was developed and presented a new brand of miniature cars "Mega". By the time she was fourth in France brand manufacturers subcompacts.

In 2003 the company "Aixam-MEGA" has made a full update of its products. In order to occupy another niche in the automotive market, it began to produce ultra-light machine for commercial purpose and also released a version of the car with an electric motor.

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