History of Ajokki

The company "Ajokki Oy is a Finnish manufacturers of commercial vehicles that existed from 1942 to 1989, developing their own projects. The company was established in the beginning of the war as a joint body for the production of two companies - "Vaino Paunu and Tampeeren Liikenne Oy. Also, among the founding shareholders were "Lauttakylan Auto", "Matka-Auto", "Satakunan Liikenne" and "Savonlinja". The beginning of activity coincided with the Second world war, and the army took a lot of trucks; the company also produced their engines, working on wood gas. The first General Director of the company was Niilo Lemma.

After the war, "Ajokki Oy became involved in the production of buses, although it was very difficult in the conditions of shortage of the metal. The number of employees increased by more than 200 people, and in 1956 it became the largest bodybuilder in Finland. The largest customer Ajokki Oy" was the state purchasing vehicles for mail, Telegraph, city transport, Helsinki and Tampere.

In 1987 the company "Ajokki Oy became the property "Wiiman".

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