History of Albany

The English company "Albany Motor Carriage Company produced cars in the period from 1971 to 1997 in Christchurch, Dorset. The company was founded by two brothers, Brian and David shepherd's house.

Cars "Albany" was designed in the old style, similar to the model Edwardian, but was not an exact copy of a particular brand. Although there was some similarity with 1908 Buick. Early models used the engine and suspension from the Morris Minor, setting on a specially designed tubular chassis made of steel. The engine was adjusted to the maximum speed that developed the car, did not exceed 40 miles per hour. The cars were assembled by hand and the cost is quite expensive. Basic equipment cost in 1987 pounds, there were quite a long list of possible improvements, the installation of which were from 50 to 70 pounds.

Since 1974 in cars "Albany" used motor Triumph Spitfire with a volume of 1300 cubic centimeters, and in 1976 machines have a longer wheelbase and the optional installation of five seats.

The company "Albany" has also released a replica of the open bus 1910 AEC based on truck chassis from the Ford D, which is currently used for short tourist trips in motor Museum Beaulieu in Hampshire. He also appeared in the remake of "the 39 steps", released in 1970-ies.

In 1973, every two weeks was made to send a car in the USA. However, after sending 12 cars, the campaign for export was reduced. In 1974, the price of the hire company has grown to 2487 pounds; engine capacity increased to 1.5 liters. Before 1977, "Albany" was released 110 machines.

Since 1992 cars "Albany" with an open top and a 1.5-liter engine "Triumph Spitfire" was made for export only. In 1997 the company was closed.

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