History of Albee Rolligon

The American company Albee Rolligon was registered in 1951 in Monterey and specialized in the production of a wide low-pressure tires. However, the story is much richer and more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Company founder bill Albee in 1935, was with his wife in the colony Eskimos in Alaska, where he went to gather material for a series of articles about the small peoples of the great North American continent.

What he saw, working together with indigenous Eskimos, changed his life forever. The process of fishing eskimo was not only trying to extract as much as possible valuable resource, but also to deliver it to his settlement, which was located at a great distance from the sea. Passing stones or sharp relief, which could damage the light ship, on Board of which there were several tons of catch. Local craftsmen used the inflated air skins, which served as a buffer for the rapid movement of the ship. Bill dubbed this invention "eskimo rollers" and for many years tried to find a use for them in another area of life that time.

However, in 1951, during a conversation with one of the officers of the American army, bill Albee touched upon application of these rollers and discovered an interesting fact - mobile, the U.S. army had great difficulty with movement blurred the roads in Korea, where there were active hostilities. This was the impetus for the development of a wide low-pressure tires and suspension that would meet their requirements. And company was founded Olbi Rolligon, which has patents on this invention.

However, the specific scope could not bring a stable income, due to the fact that the production was too time-consuming, and the consumer was limited to buying only a few instances. Such factors have complicated the economic situation within the company Olbi and the entire engineering staff, trying to develop a more mainstream product, was located in the garage bill.

The final was that in 1960 the company was purchased by John Holland and moved to Houston. However, bill Albee continued to develop the idea of a car with wide tires with low pressure and his company Albee Rolligon there is at present engaged in the development of rubber together with companies Pirelli and Bridgestone.

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