Alfa Romeo 145 Gallery


From 1994 to 2000, the year the vehicle was manufactured Alfa Romeo 145, which had three doors and five seats, body hatchback. Before this model was produced model Brava or Bravo company Fiat. A distinctive feature of the motor vehicle Alfa Romeo 145 was to use two spark plugs in each individual cylinder Alfa Romeo 145 has gained great popularity among the people, as a middle class car or Golf class. In the rear suspension of the car was set trailing arm and the front suspension was put wishbone. Thanks to the hard suspension system, the car feels confident on steep turns. Car Alfa Romeo 145 fairly roomy. Capacity increases, thanks to the folding rear seats. In may 1998 the car was slightly modified and this had an impact on sales growth in Europe. Thus, the vehicle has reinforced ribs on the sides. A selection of photos, tuning Alfa Romeo 145.

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