Alfa Romeo 146 Gallery


In the period from 1994 to 2001 was launched Alfa Romeo 146. Since January 1996 he began producing top models Alfa Romeo 146Ti or "Turismo Internazionale Milano". It was established five speed transmission and a modified aerodynamic system. In March 1997 he began producing improved versions of Alfa Romeo 146 reduced type, equipped with airbag and more beautiful interior. Updated in 1998, the model once again and was installed in it the engine from Alfa Romeo 156. The vehicle has installed new side skirts made of plastic, and also the grille, built of two triangular lattices. In addition, bumpers painted in body color of the car. On the sides of the car was fortified with built-in door system of beams. In 2001 Alfa Romeo 146 was replaced with an improved version of the Alfa Romeo 147. A selection of photos, tuning Alfa Romeo 146.

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