Alfa Romeo 147 Gallery


In Turin in 2000 showed the model Alfa Romeo 147. A year later the car started to be implemented in Europe. The model was awarded the title of best car of the year. Towards the end of 2005 made some changes in the interior of the car. Many in this model attracted by the fact that the car is easily controlled, which is an important advantage for active and experienced drivers. The interior look of the car was modified with the help of specialists of the company Italdesign-Giugiaro. The car became faster and more dynamic, thanks to the improved facing the radiator and also the use of more expensive looking bumper. In addition, new headlights wedge-type front with three light sources. The model is available as 3-door and 5-door. Feature 5-door is closed doors handles in the rear rack. Today, the version of car Alfa Romeo 147 is available in variants of the engine with 1.8 liter and 2.2-liter, 16-valve, which may be a power of 120 HP and 150 HP This can be used five speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. In 2009, the model Alfa Romeo 147 has stopped releasing. A selection of photos, tuning Alfa Romeo 147.

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