Alfa Romeo 155 Ti Z Gallery


In 1993 Ercole Spada in collaboration with Zagato has developed a model 155 TI.Z, differing advanced sedan, and a new, more sporty bodykit. 155 TI.Z was introduced in the autumn of 1993, and built on the basis of the world's most powerful production modification - 190-horsepower, four-wheel drive Q4. The design of the car was significantly changed - remained intact only the hood, front doors, roof and trunk. New wings were made of composite materials, and their style is inspired by the contours of the DTM cars. The modified bumper and rear spoiler allowed to reduce the drag from 0.31 to 0,296 Cx. Significant adjustments have been made to the chassis of the car - were installed adjustable dampers, and clearance was reduced by 34 mm Thanks to a reprogrammed the engine control unit capacity increased to 230 HP, But the building coincided with the closure of the plant Zagato, and was built in only one instance.

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