Alfa Romeo 156 Gallery


In the period from 1997 to 2003 he produced a model of the Alfa Romeo 156. In 1998, this car is recognized as one of the best. This model has been replaced by the model Alfa Romeo 156. The car belongs to the so-called class Golf. Over the external appearance of the car was designed by the famous designer Walter De Silva. On the radiator of the car Alfa Romeo 156 is set logo signature shield. For the seats and steering wheel Alfa Romeo 156 provides the necessary options for adjustment. A more advanced version of the car is offered with the communication system according to the GSM standard, audio system with CD-changer. The car has air bags on the sides, use the climate control system, steering wheel trimmed in leather, used Central locking with remote control. A selection of photos, tuning Alfa Romeo 156.

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