Alpina B3 Cabrio Gallery


Alpina B3 Cabrio (E93) convertible version of the coupe-Alpina B3. As well as Alpina B3, the car is equipped with in-line 6-cylinder engine producing 360 HP But unlike the coupe - cabriolet Alpina B3 E93 has a drive only the rear wheels. Alpina B3 Cabrio E93 endowed with luxury, elegance and Luxology all the details. The interior of the convertible deserves special attention. The upholstery used high-quality leather, Alcantara, and all work is carried out entirely by hand. An extensive list of on-Board equipment Alpina B3 Cabrio, including radio-premium, will give you unforgettable comfort in movement.

Row "six" with a volume of 3.0 l in combination with an automatic transmission produces excellent driving experience. Up to 100 km/h-Alpina B3 Cabrio E93 accelerates in just 5 seconds, and top speed is limited at around 280 km/h.

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