Alpina B6 Cabrio Gallery


Cabrio Alpina B6 (E64) was first introduced in 2005. 2 years later the Studio Alpina upgraded B6 (version B6 S), resulting in a power unit 4.4 l received an increase of power 30 HP, This luxury car is the best embodies the uncompromising ambition brand Alpina. High demands on quality and attention to detail - dominant privileges Bavarian tuning workshop. Alpina B6 Cabrio as the coupe version, is a product of high technology, used by German engineers. The basis of the vehicle a rugged, yet lightweight body made partially from composite materials. Special configuration chassis with shock absorbers, the rigidity of which can be controlled with one button, provide a predictable and consistent behavior of the car on the highway.

Luxurious interior Alpina B6 Cabrio pleasing to the eye - in this master plan Alpina apart from the competition. Tactile sensations from soft leather upholstery, steering, dash, seats and other interior Alpina B6 Cabrio give exclusive pleasure. V-shaped "eight", with a capacity of 530 HP triggers for aggressive driving. On acceleration from zero to hundreds convertible spends a little less than 5 seconds. In 2011, represented the third generation Alpina B6.

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