Alpina B6 Coupe Gallery


Luxury coupe Alpina B6 (E63) is the brightest representative of the class of Gran Turismo. A truly unique and charismatic appearance of this car will never be lost in the crowd. The use of lightweight composite materials have made it possible to reduce the weight and improve the handling Alpina B6 Coupe. The design of the front bumper optimizes air flow permeability, which increases downforce and plays an important role in cooling the engine. Exquisite interior Alpina B6 Coupe as ascertained under the client's preference.

Alpina B6 Coupe has received a special suspension settings. Adjustable button rigidity of the shock absorber gives excellent handling without sacrificing comfort. Sports car on the road contribute a 20-inch stylish disks. Thus, the Alpina B6 ideal for everyday use. Engine 4.4 l together with ACPP Switch Tronic, developed in partnership with ZF, provides unmatched performance and power.

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