History of Alvis

´╗┐Britain gave the world many famous car brands, but few people know that throughout the 20th century in the UK not only were the titans of the automotive market, but such a small company as "Alvis", founded in 1920.

The first model "Alvis" was released in 1919, one year later, was based brand which takes its name from this model. Unlike most competitors, the first machine "Alvis" was worth more than 5 thousand pounds, which is comparable to the cost of a modern Aston Martin, but thanks to the engine of its own design, the model was reliable and durable. By the end of the 20s the total number of cars "Alvis" reached 8 thousand copies - one of the largest values for the sale of the same model before the Second World War. However, the looming threat in the face of the Third Reich forced Britain gradually transfer its industry on a war footing. So in 1937 the company "Alvis" built its first plant for the production of aircraft engines, and the main company stopped the production of civilian vehicles, focusing on the production of all-wheel drive armoured vehicles for the British army.

However, one solution has been developed in our days, "Alvis" presented armored car that not only had all-wheel drive and a revolutionary semi-automatic gearbox, but received also managed the front and rear wheels. The blockade of Britain and frequent air raids of the enemy, in 1940, was destroyed plant "Alvis" in Coventry, coastal zone, which was hardest hit by the German army.

But the founders of de Fresville and John did not give up, receiving a generous loan from the government of merit for the army, they rebuilt their factories, and in 1946, just 18 months after commencement of work, has unveiled its new car, named Alvis TA14. Four-door sedan designed for the highest leadership of the country, got a good spread and outside the UK, many wealthy emigrants from Europe were devoted admirers of the brand before the war and tried to buy their favorite cars at the new place of residence.

Especially for buyers from the United States of America was designed convertible, built on the basis TA14 and called TB. At the same time, the Alvis starts cooperation with the Swiss designer, One who tried to give perfect in technical terms, the hire company more modern view that, in his opinion, would significantly increase sales. However, by 1965, the company was absorbed by the concern "Rover", which hatched their plans to enter the market, high-end rentals. He was presented the first joint model Alvis TF21.

But in 1967, already "Rover" was purchased by a conglomerate of British Leyland, which was rapidly expanded its lineup of civilian vehicles. Lost most of its employees and one of the factories, "Alvis" was shifted to the production of military and special equipment. Thus ended the story "Alvis" as a manufacturer of cars, these days you can find tanks, helicopters and armored cars under legendary brand, but they do not have the heritage that was placed in the cars of the brand "Alvis" in the twenties and the forties of the twentieth century.

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