History of Aptera

"Aptera Motors is an American start-up that is dedicated to the development of highly efficient vehicles. Formerly known as "Accelerate Composite", it was based on the California coast. In 2012, she was bought by a Chinese car manufacturer, and resumed activity as "Zaptera USA" after closing at the end of 2011.

The first product "Aptera", double car with three wheels were in the development stage. The ability of the engine to travel on 1 gallon of fuel 300 miles (0,78 l / 100 km) heralded him as one of the most economical means of travel in the world. With all this, these calculations did not take into account the energy that was consumed by the generator is charging the battery.

The name "Aptera" in Greek means "wingless" and pointed to the corporate design and design inspired by light aircraft. However, the "Aptera Motors' claim that it is translated as "wingless flight".

In January 2006 "Accelerate Composite" issued a press release detailing the design of the car, whereby were obtained speed 105 km/h with a fuel consumption of 0.71 liter per 100 km, the Veil of secrecy was lifted in March 2007 at the TED event. In August 2007 it was announced that the "Aptera" became one of the first participants of the "Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, where they were considered a favorite in the alternative class. "Aptera" reached the final of the event in 2010, where the company car was unable to finish the race performance due to overload of the battery from the system regenerative braking. Competitor of the company showed energy efficiency in 195 miles on 1 gallon of fuel.

22 April 2008 the company "Aptera announced that Neil Hannemann, who previously headed a number of projects, including the Dodge Viper, Ford GT and Saleen S7, was hired as senior Vice President, program management and production. June 24, 2008, the company hired Tony Kirton as Director of marketing. Previously, he worked for 5 years in a similar position at Audi of America, Vice President of sales at Volkswagen and Audi in the UK, as well as marketing Director in the South African Department of BMW, and was engaged in independent consulting on marketing and branding. In addition, the company had hired and other high-class specialist. However, some of them after only a year left "Aptera".

March 11, 2009, the Federal government refused to credit "Aptera" under the loan program for the development of advanced production technologies, in connection with the wording of the law, which limited the credits for research in the field of car manufacturing. After lobbying efforts, which have altered the wording of the bill, which would increase the grants for research in the field of three-wheeled vehicles, "Aptera" re-send the application form to receive government loans from the Ministry of energy October 30, 2009. The requested amount was $184 million

December 2, 2011 Aptera Motors announced that it goes out of business due to lack of funding the development of electric vehicles.

9 October "Zaptera USA has announced its intention to split into 2 companies: "Zaptera-USA" owned "Jonway" completely independent "Aptera USA.

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