History of Argyll

The first Scottish car manufacturer company "Argyll" was founded in 1899 when the Bicycle factory Hose. Initially it started production of the vehicles, which were equipped with two or four-cylinder internal combustion engines, and later wagons received transmissions and rightfully became a full car.

In 1904, was presented a light truck that can take on Board up to 750 pounds of cargo, and the 1.5-litre engine was developed over 12 horsepower. Since 1911, the company switched to production of military vehicles, fire trucks and buses. After the First World War, the exhausted financial difficulties "Argyll" fully devoted himself to the production of the civilian version of the buses and light vans. This lasted until 1951, when overcoming the consequences of another war, the company decided to resume production of civilian vehicles. Were presented a small coupe Argyll A1 and Argyll Turbo that never went to series.

In 1970, the world saw a 16-ton truck "Christina", which gained popularity far beyond the small of Scotland. Ford motor company offered the leadership of the "Argyll" deal, in which Ford could release a "Christina" in the United States, and the "Argyll" would be engaged in the Assembly Mustang GT under its brand. So was presented Argyll Turbo GT, which has not won a buyer for 3 years was sold just 6 copies of the model. Thus, "Argyll" was concentrated on the production of trucks and vans, until it was bought by the company "Ford".

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