History of Ariel

´╗┐English company "Ariel" was founded in 2001. However, the company's history began much earlier, or rather for two centuries before it was presented model Ariel Atom.

It all began in 1899, when the English factory bikes Coventry Estate" has released several experimental models of self-propelled carriages. The wagons were built on the same principle as the first model of the company "Renault", with one exception - they did not require the use of a gearbox. However, in a series of models do not come on, and the factory concentrated on bicycles.

However, in 1925, after the First World War, was drafted motorcycle, which was called Ariel. Field trials have shown its high efficiency in off-road conditions and ease of maintenance. The army has ordered 50 test instances, but after motorcycle company "BMW", it was decided to create a worthy competitor. Development continued until 1939, and it was planned that the new motorcycle will go to the army already in 1940, but the German blockade forced to urgently re-Orient production for Assembly of trucks and aircraft engines.

The plant was completely destroyed in 1941, and it was not possible any production. However, after 14 years, after the first split of the company "British Leyland", the plant was restored by the British government, who needed a supplier of engines and trucks for the army, not in private hands. So the plant he worked until 1963, when it was bought for a pittance largest Bank, which had planned to build the response popular car Rover Mk II.

Were hired engineers from the company "Ford", which turned out to be dishonest, offering to the production of exact copies of cars, developed by the Americans. The proceedings have been hit hard by the budget of the company, and it was closed.

Years later, the company "Ariel" was revived in 2001. The reason the project served as a student of the English College, which developed the design of lightweight sports car, developed the idea of a Caterham 7. The main advantage was the use of the standard engine of Honda Civic coupled with a lightweight carbon fiber body, which provided the ratio of power to mass at the level of 620 horsepower per ton. And acceleration to 100 km / h was only 3 seconds. In addition, after the successful launch of sales was developed more powerful version of the Ariel Atom 500, the characteristics of which reached 900 horsepower per tonne, one and a half times higher than the Bugatti Veyron.

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