History of Asuna

"Asuna" - brand cars, established in 1993 for the canadian market by General Motors as an analogue Geo. It was one of the two successor mark "Passport", which had her similar purpose.

Company General Motors changed its branding strategy in 1988, dismissing the Department of "Passport" (model Optima was released as the Pontiac LeMans). "Isuzu" merged with "Saab" and the new Department of "GM", "Saturn", to form a joint dealer network. Brand "Geo" has been sold in Canada since 1988 through dealers Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Cadillac" (which has sold the products of the brand as "Chevrolet", until it was introduced officially). Sales have been relatively successful, prompting dealers Pontiac - Buick - GMC" to ask the canadian Department of "GM" to provide them with a similar line of cars. "Asuna" was created to fulfill this requirement.

Name model Pontiac LeMans replaced, and it was sold as hatchbacks and sedans Asuna SE in the base, and as a hatchback Asuna GT complete. A number of models "Asuna" has also increased due to "Sunfire" and "SunRunner", took their places in the lines "Pontiac - Buick - GMC".

Selling brand "Asuna" failed to catch up with "Geo", and it was closed in 1994. Model SE/Sunfire GT and moved into the brand "GM Canada", and Sunrunner was re-released as a Pontiac.

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