History of Atlanta

In 1937 he founded one of the most controversial English automotive companies. Having existed for only 22 years old, "Atlanta" provided a lot of cars that have had a significant impact on the modern market. The main competitors models "Atlanta" was a sports coupe "Lagonda", with whom they were often compared journalists and critics.

Despite the fact that "Atlanta" lasted for 22 years, the most significant period can be called the period from 1937 to 1939, which was a real rush of revolutionary solutions. Initially, models A1 and AJ installed engines of its own design, the volume of which ranged from 1.4 to 4 liters with power 80-138 horsepower.

In parallel with these cars "Atlanta" took part in many regional competitions, especially successful was the model A1-1, which was powered by a twelve-cylinder engine, "Lincoln", developing 180 horsepower. However, after the outbreak of the Second World War, the plant started production of aircraft and engines, which were widely popular not only in England but also in neighboring Ireland.

At the end of the war were spent huge funds for revival of the company "Atlanta" as the car manufacturer. In the result of which saw the light of models A2 and A3, which correspond to the refined requirements of Industrialists and aristocrats. However, from its own powertrain development had to be abandoned, and Atlanta has turned to the use of client motors "Jaguar" and "Ford". At the same time gave way to the owners of the company, who decided not to develop a new car until you have achieved the specified economic indicators. Thus, it was decided to expand the client base and customers were able to choose how they will be delivered the car. At full price it was offered fully assembled and ready Atlanta A1 or A2, but for half the price the buyer has received the A2 with the compiled engine and kit for assembling the interior, body and suspension.

In 1959, went bankrupt and the new owners suffering "Atlanta", which managed to complete the development of a new generation of transmissions, where each of the wheels had independent suspension and semi-automatic gear boxes, which became the prototype of the sequential gearbox 20 years later. All property and development company were purchased by several companies, such as British Leyland", "Rover" and "Jaguar". In our days at the former factory "Atlanta" Stance assembles hire company "Mini".

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