History of Atlas Copco

´╗┐Swedish engineering company Atlas Copco was founded in 1873 in Stockholm. In addition, in 1913, the company opened its representative office in Russia, was kept on the market for compressors and engines for military and industrial equipment to 1939. The return of Swedish companies in Russia had to 1966, when they were signed major contracts for the supply of engines and compressors for AVTOVAZ and a number of metallurgical enterprises in the whole USSR.

Nowadays, Atlas Copco has developed into a true conglomerate, which under a variety of brand produces not only the engines and spare parts for a number of large automobile companies, such as FIAT and Renault. In addition, power units manufactured by the company "Atlas Copco" buys concern Samsung for cars of its own design, selling on the domestic market of South Korea.

Special "Atlas Copco" is sold in more than 20 countries around the world under different brand names in the United States of America mining shaft and loading equipment is known there under the name "General Electric", while in Europe, widespread excavators "Bosch" and "Maikta" developed "Atlas Copco". In Russia the company back in 1996, engaged in the sales of construction equipment.

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