History of Ats

´╗┐Project three enthusiasts of Italian origin named "ATS" was founded in 1962. Originally planned to come to grips with creating a racing car for competition class Formula-1.

In 1963 was the first car company "ATS" which received a 1.4 liter engine, with a capacity of 190 horsepower. With the support of major investors, founders "ATS" sent its team to participate in the world championship. Racers began Phill hill and Giancarlo Baghetti. Champion hill had a strong hope of success in the endeavor with a new team, especially considering that he took an active part in creating the car. However, participation in the race was a failure and the best result was 11th place in the home for the team Grand Prix of Italy. Eight-cylinder engines ATS could not withstand the load, the distance of each race, but in wet conditions hope at some points the riders was. Throughout the race hill even managed to reach the fifth place, but by the end of the race took 11th place, losing to the winner of the 7 circles. Frustrated by the team owners and the company "ATS" were involved in an internal conflict, which resulted in the name change and the care of one of the founders of the Count de Serenissima.

In 1965 were represented by just two models "ATS", which is now switched to the production of prestigious sports cars. Coupe ATS 2500GT and 2500GTS were equipped with eight-cylinder engine of its own design, which was developed 245 horsepower. It sold 6 copies data models, then "ATS" attempted to race in the Targa Florio is one of the most prestigious in Italy. However, luck was again turned away from "ATS" and participation in the competition did not bring much success.

After reconciliation with the count de Serenissima, "ATS" switched on creating a more powerful model, which was equipped with a motor in 6 liters, developing 310 horsepower. However, the constant attempts to create a parallel road sports car has led to the fact that "ATS" was completely ruined, and the count de Serenissima refused to cover part of the debt and the company was closed in 1969, and its development has acquired a "Fiat".

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