History of Bavaria

´╗┐History of German concern Bavaria begins in the distant 1997. It was then decided the main activity of the company is production of caravans and vans for various purposes. Historical milestones in the company connected with the production of new models of cars and modernization of old, the introduction of new technologies of energy saving and environmental protection.

In 1997 it launched the first 3 model homes. Mobile homes economy class, one low-profile model with the usual floors and model class A, made on the basis of a Ford car. The latter received the name of Frankia on Ford. In it, in particular, was first applied technology dual-sex made in Germany.

In 1998, the company's lineup has expanded greatly, and included are 9 homes on platforms from the company Ford and Fiat. Expanded low-profile line-up of 4 models that were released 2 additional models A-class. Also, the company was renamed in Bavaria Mobil by Frankia, in order to increase the loyalty of German consumers.

In 2002 he shifted on the youth generation. As a consequence, were released several new models of cars A60ED, A68BD and A68ED.

The company logo was changed in 2004. It was the word Bavaria, to emphasize the importance of the region for the consumer and to increase awareness of the name and brand. Moreover, in 2005 the company continued to experiment with the logo and has released several new models of caravans.

Completely reworked the design of cars in 2006, the company released their own booklets, becoming more modern, youth and open to suggestions. Further development of this idea led to the creation of programs of environmental protection, which has resulted in changes in body design and transmission in 2008. A year earlier, in 2007, the company conducted another rebranding, gave their cars a catchy design with sleek look of the body.

Another alteration of the concept of the brand Bavaria has resulted in new standards of quality interior design cars. This concept was developed and implemented in 2010. To this day the company adheres to it and provides the highest quality of all components of their vehicles.

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