History of Bell

Bell Equipment - one of the world's largest manufacturers of trucks, bulldozers, front loaders, fork-lift type. Graders, scrapers, and other specialized equipment. The company is represented on all continents developed dealer network and supplies its products worldwide. Manufactured by Bell are located in USA, Germany, South Africa and other countries.

Today, Bell Equipment is a company which employs 2400 workers. In addition to leadership in the production of wheel loaders, the company strives to stand in line with world leaders in the production of other specialized equipment. Bell Equipment is the first company in the world issuing 50-ton dump truck with a drive 6 x 6. Specially for export to Europe and Russia, the company opened a new plant in Germany. In 2008, the company's products was presented at the exhibition CTT-2008, held in Moscow. Basically, the company supplies articulated dump trucks, load capacity 25-50 tons. All of this technology made in Germany.

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