History of Bellanger

The production of passenger automobiles company Bellanger was started in 1912. The main power unit of the machine was the engine Daimler, with a volume of 2 liters. On the model was also established more powerful engines, up to 6, 3 liters. The most memorable part of the car was the grille, which, in combination with a body that resembled a bull's forehead.

After the First World War the company Bellanger change providers engines. It was Brisco. The model was equipped with 4-cylinder engines with a lateral arrangement of valves and volume 3181 cubic cm cubic cm 4253 On some models also staged a V8 displacement of 6,36 liters.

The company existed until 1923, when due to strong competition she had to cease to exist. Later, the company went to Peugeot, while the shape of the radiators began to apply the company De Dion.

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