History of Bellier

The history of the brand It begins in 1968 with a small production of mini-vehicles that do not require management rights. These original small cars are very popular to this day, and their Creator expert in the field of electric accumulators Jean Bellier deserves status as an innovator.

The first model had a weight of only 40 kg and can accelerate to 25 km/H. It was equipped with Solex motor 49 cubic cm and was intended for children and adults, riding not on public roads. The model was a great success for several years, until the release of his "older brother". Today the model is very popular among collectors of unusual rare machines. This model is well known in 49 countries, where it was exported until 1976.

Presented at the Toy Fair exhibition in 1972, a new car from Jean Beliere, was named Griffon Bellier F85. The model has received high marks from critics and consumers. This is not surprising because the car weighed only 80 kg, however, was able to carry 2 adults with a maximum speed of 35 km/H. He did not require management rights, implementing hardware engine to 49 cubic cm overall dimensions of the car were two metres. The car was aimed at the older generation and provide ease of movement for short distances and total savings on gasoline.

1980 saw the release of the model Veloto C12S, which received the gasoline already motorcycle engine with electric starter. Thanks to its compact size and traditional quality, the car was favoured by the majority of consumers. Later in the same year, the company presents its new car Formula 85 with a petrol engine. A year later, the car gets and diesel powertrain.

1986 is crucial for It. That's when management makes the decision on the termination of production of cars with engines of up to 50 cubic see Instead a new model Bellier VX is equipped with a diesel engine of 325 cubic cm In 1996, this amount is increased to 523 cubic see Model VX 650 already equipped with quadruple cabin, twelve kinds of painting and two finishes. In 1998 in the car added air conditioning.

In 1999, the company is developing a fundamentally new approach to the creation of micro-cars with diesel engines. As a result, the first commercial vehicle, which does not require rights. The model receives the name of It.

A year later, is a representation of the model Divane at the Paris auto show, and in 2001 begins its release for commercial purchase. In 2008, the company presents a brand new car without having to have the right - Jade, which is available in three trim So Good, Alto and Classic. Model Jade Racing was specially designed for racing and was produced only in a limited edition in 2010.

It should be noted that since that time, It pays great attention to innovation. Every year the cars are equipped with new systems and nodes, reliability, safety and comfort.

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