Bentley Arnage Gallery


This car is related to the classical case saloon. The car is well equipped for its class. Often interior use manual processing of leather and expensive trees. Characterized the vehicle with a soft ride and excellent sound insulation, giving comfort in the cabin. The car stopped producing in 2009. The initial version of the Arnage car is offered with a V8 engine with 8 cylinders displacement of 6.8 liters. The first version of the car was presented by Rolls Royce in the late 50-ies of the last century. Today, the design of the car was redesigned. To give maximum power of the motor car equipped with a turbo. Now the performance has increased up to 500 HP

A measure of the maximum torque reached 1000 Nm. Max the car can accelerate up to 288 km per hour due to the fact that its wheelbase has grown by 250 mm in Addition, the car features a special compartment in fridge where you can put drinks, there is a camera car rearview.

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