History of Bertone

In 1884 he was born Giovanni Bertone - founder of one of the most famous Italian automobile firms specializing in super-concepts and original design for a sports car.

The story began in 1907, when Burton moved to Turin and began to cooperate with the company Diatto, specialized in the production of small cars. After 5 years he started his own production, which was done by the crew. In the same 1912-the year of the family Bertone had a son, Giuseppe, called Nucca. That he is to play a decisive role in the formation of the company and all design car of the twentieth century.

In 1921 Giovanni built the first body of the car and fell in love with the vehicles with all my heart. Then n decided to fully switch on it. His son Nocino fully shared Hobbies father. Naccho education accountant and vocation - one of the greatest masters of car design.

Family workshop was gaining popularity in Italy, thanks to the highest quality of ordered bodies for Fiat. After the original model body with a bold design, the Studio was flooded by a wave of orders. As a result, the production decided to expand and it was entirely under the management of Nacco.

After the 2nd World War, Nocco purchase the land and building plant near Turin in the town of Grugliasco. Here in 1954, he develops a unique design for the legendary car Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, enjoying great popularity with the public. Since then, begins the era of modern Italian automobile design and the permanent representation at exhibitions around the world.

Brand Bertone becomes recognizable everywhere, thanks to the new aerodynamic design of cars, for the next 30 years, which predetermined the development of automotive fashion. Nocco, without exaggeration, is the prophet of modern design. He foresaw fashion and styling cars for many years and represented the cars under its brand in the best light.

One of the great milestones in the history of the company becomes a sports car. Designing bodies for these models involved are unknown then the designer Franco Scalene, has become, thanks to Nucca legend in automotive design.

Giorgio Giugiaro is another name in the history of Bertone, which has shaken the world of automotive fashion. In just 5 years in the company he created several models of the body that have become legendary. Later this designer started working with the largest brands in the world.

New life in the company breathed and famous designer Marcello Gandini, who developed a unique style of the Lamborghini Miura. Almost all created by the author of concepts in varying degrees, will move into production.

In 1971 the company Bertone begins construction of a new design center in the suburbs of Turin.

In 1979, in place of the departed Marcello Gandini comes to designer Marc Decamp, which continues to create the Foundation for a style Bertone, preserved to this day. In the 1990s, Nocco Burton makes another revolution in the world of construction and design of cars, developing its own system of automotive development. The project employs 1,500 engineers and designers. In the result, we have a mechanism that allows you to develop any prototypes in record time.

In 1996, the management company shall proceed to Luciano D Ambrosio, Eugenio Paliano that bring in the appearance hire new trends. So there is a Alfa Romeo Bella and Pickster. In 1997, Nocco Burton died, not having seen the last two offspring of your company.

Since 1999 on the powers of the Bertone company started production of the Opel Astra Coupe. In the same year the company began work on the scooter BMW C1, which is now considered a bestseller.

In 2000 he started the production of Opel Astra Cabrio.

In 2008 at the Geneva motor show premiere of the concept of BAT 11, continuing the stylistic idea of the series Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica, based on the Alfa Romeo platform.

Workshop and plant continue to operate to this day, offering excellent samples of bodies for different cars.

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