History of Bianchi

In 1897, the famous designer and engineer Eduardo Bianchi created his own company to manufacture motorcycles. In those times history of motorcycles only beginning to be born and Bianchi brand, who chose Eduardo, stood at the head of the Italian motorcycle motion, releasing the best in those years motorcycles.

The beginning the company was started in 1895, when the main specialization of Eduardo Bianchi was repairing bicycles. Over time, the demand for this service has grown so much that we had to rent a new, larger shop. A year later the inventor installed on the bike pneumatic tires, and then built a three-wheeled cart with a De Dion engine. Unfortunately, the prototype exploded on the test, but persistence Eduardo Bianchi was rewarded with invaluable experience of designing their own equipment.

In 1901 the company Bianchi returned to the world motorcycle production with new parts and a new engine. The engine was assembled under licence De Dion personally Eduardo and his assistants. In 1905 the company has also started production of cars, and the brand was renamed Eduardo Bianchi & Co.

Among other things, was built a new plant in via Nino Bixio, got rapid development. The plant specialized in the production of serious, modified motorcycles. This is where the old model was mounted belt-driven transmission, and ignition by magneto. A little pose was invented and patented a special plug - luxury Traffault. One of the first the company has released a unique new motorcycle with engine 500 cubic cm

During the war years the company was engaged in manufacturing aircraft engines and motorcycles for the front. The most famous model was S. Was also built V-twin engine on 649 cubic cm And after the war power of the engine is increased to 741 cubic cm

In 1920, the year motorcycles Bianchi began to exhibit at various competitions around the world. One of the most famous racers, driving motorcycles concern was Carlo Maffeis who installed them record a maximum speed of 125 km/H. This was done on a motorcycle with a displacement of 500 cubic cm

Since 1920, the year the company's sales Bianchi began to fall, due to stiff competition from companies Guzzi and Garelli, which, in fact, copied all models of Bianchi on the technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Reply to "kick" the company was able to put in 1925 year, thanks to the racing driver Tazio Nuvolari. Released onto the plaster and stalled at the start, he still was able to snatch victory from opponents and set a new speed record.

In addition, Bianchi fundamentally reworked their motorcycles and responded to competition by creating a latest model called Freccia Celeste or Blue Arrow. Engine 348 cubic see Developed great power, and the bike has been recognized for capacity, reliability, speed and quality. This model took part in such races as the Grand Prix in Monza and mileage Milan - Taranto.

In the 20-30-ies of the model was the winner of almost all competitions. At the end of the 1930-ies appeared and another model with engine capacity of 492 cubic cm Plans for its production went awry due to the outbreak of War, after which to participate in more races were not allowed models with supercharged.

The main emphasis in the postwar years, Bianchi made for road bikes. Until the 1950s, the motorcycle companies are not taking part in the Grand Prix, although he won many other competitions. Coming engineer Lino Totti. Together with Paton and FB Mondial under his leadership, developed engines on b 248 and 250 cubic cm From the top of a double camshaft.

Anyway, in the next 10 years, the production of motorcycles under the brand Bianchi has fallen steadily. All this led to the closure of the company's pop production motorcycles. Today, the brand moved to a small company specializing in the production of bicycles.

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