History of Bimobil

Any person fascinated quality and unusual motorhomes and trailers should know about a small company Bimobil, appeared in 1977.

The history of its creation begins with the mechanical engineer Raymond von Leib, who began to promote a home based business, producing a different set of the body and altering production vehicles under comfortable and compact motorhomes. Currently, the German company Bimobil works only 40 to employees. The company remains a family business and to the staff guidelines apply to a large group of friends, dedicated. As a consequence - increased build quality cars. Today, the company produces 100+ homes per year.

In the news the company used its own design and know-how. That is why campervans this brand is so popular and in demand all over Germany and Europe. All body and cabins are made using native development environment that improves the accuracy of the joint parts and allows you to create more sophisticated models.

The name of the brand - Bimobil means the duality of all cars. On the one hand, we take the standard pickups 4*2 or 4*4, and on the other, set them modular design. The result is a symbiosis of the convenience of this car and small campervans. These campervans consume much less fuel than a large bulky design and, thanks to our own development environment, there is everything necessary for a comfortable life. The company also manufactures motorhomes based vans and trucks Mercedes Benz and Iveco. Production houses-pickups and caravans today is 50/50. Regardless of the type of product, the company pays great attention to the quality of the parts.

The actual body is made of sandwich panels with a unique insulation, which significantly enhances the insulation. Through the use of special technologies, the company eliminates the cold bridge and prevents heat from a warm house to go outside. In addition, all motorhomes and vans feature a magnificent finish with durable and comfortable materials. Much attention is paid to environmental protection and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Bimobil pays great attention to the design of their cars. Body of the company are of high quality and finish. For its vehicles, the company uses only the best combination of colors. There is as bright and soft, pastel decor with decorative elements. In most cases, the company's specialists can add custom items to the interior or exterior of the house on wheels. Due to the small number of machines, each of them becomes somewhat individual. The company also supplies spare parts and supplies for their homes.

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