History of Blucamp

´╗┐Blucamp is an Italian company, leading its history since 1999. Thanks to innovative technology and streamlined production process, today it is one of the main suppliers of motorhomes and vans in Europe, with more than 80 branches all over the world. The company became well-known, due to the interesting design of their homes, which were modified in accordance with the trends of the global automotive industry.

The company was formed in Cuneo and is part of the company EKA. Great attention the company pays to the development and design of the bodywork and chassis of their motorhomes, upgrades standard components and delivers excellent campervans.

The activity of the brand at the European level starts with 2000 years, and in 2006 he became an independent, continuing to produce different motorhomes. They combine the reliability, simplicity, and good ratio price/quality. In recent hire from Blucamp began to be equipped with lifts for people with disabilities. This activity has become one of the main companies, in addition to producing standard motorhomes.

Great attention the company pays to the security of their vehicles. A large number of structural elements designed to improve not only the comfort but also the safety of movement and residence within the house. The company also pays great attention to the aerodynamic properties of their motorhomes. Due to the unique design is able to reduce losses on aerodynamic drag and, as a consequence, the loss of fuel.

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