History of Bmmo

´╗┐Midland Red company burst onto the English market bus technique in 1905. Its activities she carried out until 1981, when it was absorbed by larger players in the market. Name BMMO the company received after the merger with the company in Birmingham. As a result, the brand name sounds like Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company. The main specialization of the company - production of buses.

It all began in 1899, when the company specializing in the production of electric motors and transport of electric traction, acquired the Birmingham bus company. In 1902, buses, released under the label of this company were painted in red color to visually highlight them on city streets.

In 1905 the company BMMO launched its own production of buses, having started its promotion in England. A distinctive feature of the buses remained red clearance. On some buses in 1913 year ATA band was in the middle of the bus. For this reason, a subsidiary specializing in the production of buses in England, was called Midland Red.

In 1912 the year the company BMMO faced with a serious problem. Transport system of the city of Birmingham was changing rapidly. Trams and buses competed with each other. The company's management proposed to properly raise these modes of transport and, in addition, has released a series of buses that were delivered to other cities.

Gradually, after the 1st World War, the trams, belonging to the same company as the buses BMMO were completely replaced by the latter. In 1930, the year of signature red-colored get several bus companies, whose shares are acquired by the owner of the Midland Red.

Midland Red becomes one of the first companies fully accredited transportation between cities.

Railway companies of great Britain were fully nationalized by the state. As a consequence, 50% of the shares of the company BMMO moved to the state. The company BET became part of the National Bus Company, which produced the world-famous London two-storey buses.

In 1973 the company BMMO has mainly inner suburban services.

In 1977 the national brand was split into several companies for their cities. In each unit the bus industry has its own brand of buses, suburban and urban destination.

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