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The BMW 1-series E87 by its nature is not simple. Motor in a new car was cool, even better, through the use of a wider air intakes. The changes were made and dual headlights - their outlines became more severe, also changed the shape and fog lights - they were rectangular, and also more clear. The front of the car has become as dynamic as the side thanks to the use of a small, but precise changes. Has also become more dynamic due to the larger number of horizontal shapes. Line sideskirts smoothly into the rear of the car, thus achieving unity with spoiler. In 2007, the year hatchback BMW 1-series several modified - now instead of three doors it was equipped with five. With three doors remained in the baseline and this car is equipped with two seats in the back. Touched modifications and interior decoration of beauty and appearance. Now the car is the 1-series is almost on comfort 3-series BMW. Rose to order, and engine performance. The volume of the engine and its power began to increase in the 5 door version of the car. Volume remained at 1.6 liters and power of 115 HP transmission using a mechanical-type 6-speed manual transmission.

Three-door car equipped with 2-liter engine developing performance 143 HP can be used or gasoline engine 118 or I turbopump diesel 118D. Increased power in the motor model series 120i with 150 HP to 170 HP In the model with a diesel engine 120d capacity increased to 177 HP In addition, almost all models 1-series are equipped with other additional options and equipment that significantly reduces fuel consumption.

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