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Previously, the company model in the 1 series was released only in the back of the hatchback, but now it was decided to manufacture and sell and 4-seater model in coupe. While the base car is the platform with rear-wheel drive with a wheel base of 2600 mm, But the vehicle is made in a more classic version and has other dimensions. By increasing the length of 121 mm, the car began to look more sporty and began to resemble his older brother, that is the model of the third series. In addition, the increased capacity of the car, if you compare it with the BMW 3-series sedan with two doors, which were produced in sedan E30 from 1981 to 1991. The vehicle's dimensions slightly less than the model E36 sedan that was produced from 1992 to 1998. Indicator length 75 mm shorter, but the car has a wider and higher case. The car was similar to the car in case hatchback 1-series, which in 2007 has been modified.

Better base platform of the car, as well as a lighter became front suspension with stretch marks. For its production used aluminum. In addition, independent suspension became wider on the track. In the basic version of the car comes with amplifier electronics steering wheel, but it can be replaced with modern adaptive steering system, which is now installed on the model 3-series. Car Coupe equipped with all the necessities - active safety system, which includes traction control VSC and system stabilization, DSC. It also uses electronic differential lock on rear wheels. This applies to the model 135i Coupe. Even you can order and headlights bi-xenon type, working on the LEDs for daytime running lights and stop signals for the rear of the car, which operate on two levels. If we talk about passive safety system, it is similar to the hatchback models of the same series.

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