History of Bradley

The Bradley company is the brainchild of Gary Krner and David Bradley fuller, who organized its own production of cars in Plymouth, Minnesota. The basis of their hire partners put the original chassis from Volkswagen.

One of the most famous models for all time of existence of the company are: GT and Scorpion GT II. Like many cars of the mid-20th century, they were produced in a variety of configurations that can satisfy customers of different levels.

It is worth noting the original design decisions that have applied the Bradley company in their cars. The door with the mechanism of "gull wing", a fully fiberglass body, the set of nodes of its own design. Later, the company released an electric version of the car. In 1981 the company Bradley declared bankruptcy because of the economic difficulties within the group. They were unable to withstand the fierce competition in the automotive market. It should be noted that many parts from production-based cars VW suitable for cars of mark Bradley.

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