History of Bredamenarinibus

´╗┐BredaMenarinibus is an enterprise for the production of buses for different purposes originates from Italy. Included in Breda Construziono Ferroviare. The company was formed by the merger of Breda and Menarini to overcome increasing competition in the market.

Located in Bologna, the company offers the tourist and city buses in several configurations. It also produces trolleybus equipment. The buses carry the true functionality and convenience for the consumer. Their main feature are 2-3 or 4 doors, including double-leaf model, width up to 2 meters, which greatly simplify the boarding and unloading passengers. It is also worth noting the well-designed body with a large internal space. Currently, these buses look n too modern by European standards, but meet the requirements for occupancy of a large number of people. The basis of the urban areas of the company are buses brands "220 and 230". They are equipped with engines MAN and have a length of from 7.7 to 12 meters, with a gross weight of from 10.5 to 11.8 ton.

It should be noted and established a three-stage automatic transmission and improved grip. Maximum capacity buses BredaMenarinibus is 116 persons, with the number of seats in the 22 units.

This giant can be called a bus, a length of 18 meters, also developed by the company. The engine is located behind and has 5 cylinders. The capacity of 340 horses provided by the turbo. Transmission of this giant automatic with a hydrodynamic retarder. The maximum speed of this child BredaMenarinibus - 77 km/h at full load up to 140 passengers and curb weight of 26 tonnes. On the basis of this development the company also built a combined vehicle that can operate in the mode of the bus and trolleybus.

Tourist buses are available at 45-50 places and different average comfort for a good ride.

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