History of Bricklin

The company Bricklin, which lasted only 2 years, was educated in Canada and released fast sports cars in various configurations. Technically, the car companies were the predecessors unsuccessful series De Lorian.

The Creator of the primary and, in fact, the only machine from the Bricklin SV - 1, Malcolm Bricklin tried to make the car the most safe for the driver. The application of new technologies and components have enabled us to achieve excellent results in this area, the reduction in SV-1 was not assigned randomly. It meant Safety Vehicle, that is safe automobile. The positive qualities of the model it is worth noting lightweight fiberglass body, bumper which withstood a direct hit at speeds up to 19 km/h - is for those times really great. In addition, the car had a wedge-shaped front of the body, door type "gull wing" and double salon with an excellent finish.

The engines of the car was shipped from American Motors. The volume of 5.9 liters showed excellent power characteristics. Later engines were replaced by power units from Ford.

Unfortunately, the company plans to sell a large number of cars were not realized. Despite expectations Malcolm Bricklin, the car went bad and instead of 12 thousand cars a year, he sold a total of 2875 machines. This was the reason for closure in 1976.

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