History of Briggs Stratton

The company Briggs & Stratton appeared in the United States, as different manufacturers of engines for vehicles of General purpose. Currently she is a leader in the field of production and sales of engines for small motorized vehicles.

In 1908 the engineer-inventor Stephen F. Briggs and Harold M. Stratton, speaking as an investor, opened a small company producing engines.

The initial idea was to develop a series of automobile engines that you could set on their own models of vehicles. In the early 1920's partners have created their own car and started its production. The first model was the most accessible popular car in US history. The company also produced a small gasoline engines for domestic, gardening equipment and military industry. In the 1930-ies, during the great Depression, Briggs & Stratton thrived due to the really low price of their vehicles and opened its own sales network and technical services across the country, thanks to the organization of the dealerships.

The second World War has made significant adjustments in production. Mainly the specialists engaged in the production of military generators. A new word in this case steel components from aluminum, which greatly simplified, cheaper and simplified the design. Later experience has influenced all the company's products.

In 1953 the company Briggs & Stratton produces the first aluminum engine for small automotive. Lawn mowers, tillers, snow blowers and many other technical units received a new light engine. In 1959, the main activity of the company is the development and delivery of engines for various purposes, 80% of which is made of aluminum.

the 1960s was marked by new victories and expansion, thanks to cheaper equipment for garden and vegetable garden and increase the demand for it. Studies have been conducted to improve engines.

In the 1970s, the company is experiencing another financial boom and further expands production. It also opens several distributors abroad. In 1980-the year starts off strong competition from Japanese manufacturers of motorized equipment. The main competitor of the concern becomes Japanese Honda. As a result, the company managed to reduce the cost of its production and improve its quality. In the 1990s, the company began producing engines for karts and small passenger vehicles. Since 1993 the company produces several of its brands in production of machinery complete with its own engines.

Today, the Corporation Briggs & Stratton owns its own factories in the United States, Japan and Europe, is the largest manufacturer of small-size motors for small motorized vehicles. Its partners include major manufacturers of garden equipment, such as Stihl, Stiga, Husqvarna, Partner and MTD.

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