History of Bristol

1910-th year in the UK was based aircraft company, which has become legendary in their field, and in the production of automobiles. During the First and the Second World war the company became famous for the production of the famous bombers, but after the war, production was unclaimed by the government. As a consequence, the chief engineer Roy Fedden had to find new markets and restructure the company. So begins the history of the car brand Bristol, which to this day is considered to be a magnificent example of a luxury car.

In 1947, the public was presented the first car company Bristol, differing superb aerodynamics and a nice clean lines of the body. One of the distinguishing features preserved to this day has become a big motor and a special aluminum frame body. The car debuted successfully in races and in 1949 saw the light of the next model - Bristol-401.

In 1958 the old engine from BMW was replaced by a V8 from Chrysler Corporation. Since almost all cars in the series are supplied with such big engines with a volume of more than 3 liters.

Bristol cars gathered manually for wealthy customers. Each part has its charm. The build quality is repeatedly tested, because of what these machines are among the most reliable in the world. In 1980-ies model numbers have been replaced by names, which are still heard among connoisseurs of automotive art: Britannia, Beaufort and Beau-Fighter won the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. Today, the company produces only one model - Blenheim.

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