History of Brush

Brush is one of the oldest American brands, which is located in the state of Michigan. The company's products are always distinguished by originality, thanks to visionary engineering genius of the founder of Alcona partridge Brush.

From the first car, it became clear that the new technology is the company's corporate identity. The end of the 19th century he released the car with wooden beams of the chassis, reinforced metal crossbars. In addition, the car stood a compression spring that provides the best damping on rough roads. The engine with water cooling increased the power of this first model. In General, the Brush has developed a large number of engines for various companies, including Pontiac. Another feature of the engines of the Brush was a move counter-clockwise, which, in the absence of the electric starter was significantly reduced chance of injury by spinning the starter lever. Another feature is the rotating handle starter. Everything was done so that the car plant easily, at the same time, people did not receive any injuries, which were not uncommon at that time.

The end of history, car Brush came in 1912, the first year when mark could not compete with the production models of Ford.

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