History of Bsa

The history of the famous brand began during the Crimean war of 1853-1856. Because Britain was directly involved in this conflict, the increased demand for weapons has prompted the 14 major arms companies Birmingham to come together in 1854, the result was "the Birmingham Association of manufacturers of small arms". In 1861 the Union was transformed into a joint stock company called "Birmingham small arms company" (Birmingham Small Arms Company), and as emblems were selected three crossed rifles.

The Crimean war was the last major military conflict of the nineteenth century, a member of which was the UK. Sales of weapons fell sharply, the company management has decided to engage in other activities, and in 1880 BSA presented her first bike. Beginning of XX century was marked by the emergence of motorcycles, and their immense popularity has led the company to create components for this type of transport. In particular, in 1904, started production motorcycle frames, and in October 1910, the company created its first motorcycle - the traditional machine with vertical nine-eleven "square" (85x85 mm) power unit with a volume of 500 cubic centimeters, located in the lower right corner of the tubular frame. As an option, the wizard offered the clutch, located in the rear wheel hub.

Motorcycle, created with the usual gunsmiths excellent quality, quickly gained a reputation and popularity. In 1913 there were two versions with two transmissions: one of them had a belt drive rear wheels, the gearbox was located in the rear wheel hub; another version with the gearbox behind the engine was fitted with a closed casing of the motor and the main gear. A year later launched the production model "H", which was operated mainly with a sidecar. This unit was powered by a 556-cm engine, three-stage gearbox, closed chain drives and brakes on both wheels.

During the First World War, the company returned to the roots: the troops of the British expeditionary force and the forces of the allies was about half a million rifles Lee-Enfield", about 145 thousand guns, "Lewis", as well as shells, bicycles and motorcycles, most of which belonged to the models "H" and "K" (the same 556-CBM machine, but with a belt drive rear wheel).

According to supported the government plan of salvation of the British motorcycle industry, in 1973, concern BSA was merged with Norton-Villiers, was formed holding "Norton-Villiers-Triumph". Latest model of two-wheeled vehicles with the brand BSA, which appeared in the same year, turned out devices "Triumph" with a modified logo. And in 1975 its activity ceased and the company's factory in Birmingham.

In 1979, the famous brand has passed into the hands of Bertie Goodman and William Colquhoun. They had organized the Assembly of light motorcycles with 125 and 175 two-stroke Yamaha engines. Most of these vehicles were exported to developing countries. In 80-ies has been manufacturing military motorcycles with two-stroke engines "Rotax" displacement of 250 cubic cm at the same time it has been supplying kits of the Indian company Whoare Bond, which was collected motorcycles with 50 engines "marine".

Soon the company was again in a difficult position, as a result, in 1994 she joined the group Regal Engineering, and its name was changed to BSA Regal Group. In January 1997, the company introduced the model in retro style Gold SR400, which resembled the legendary "Old gold". This time the main components such as the front fork, the engine and the wheels, were borrowed from the Japanese model Yamaha SR400". The first batch consisted of 200 copies, all of which were sold in the Japanese market. Since 1999 the company has launched production of a more powerful version of the motorcycle under the name "gold SR500".

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