History of Bucciali

Bucciali is an Italian company founded by two brothers, Angelo and Paul-Albert Bucciali. Company itself is geographically located in France, where the brothers moved after the First World War. In 1919 they built his first sports car with the engine Ballot.

The first officially developed by company vehicle should be considered Вuсciali AB-1, introduced in 1922. Provincial race this car won with ease. It was after this victory, the brothers decided to open my own small company.

From 1922 to 1942 brothers develop several new models of sports cars. And in 1925, is the first and only production car "Boccali AV-5". In 1926 came Lux this car.

In 1926, was also presented a new prototype front "Bucciali TAV 10CV", which has a lot of new structural elements. One of them is the cylinder with a rubber elements inside, which was designed to replace the standard suspension on the spring or springs. In 1928 shifted towards the production of model TAV 8", while the negotiations with the investors who fail. In 1932 the company announces its closure, not finding support for investors.

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