History of Bufori

´╗┐Australian Bufori cars as much in Australia came from a dream about something greater. In 1986, a dream to create their own unique car sick Jerry Kouri, who began developing his own unique design for the body. A year later the car was completed and has attracted huge public attention. In himself he combined the elegance of classic cars of the 1930, their luxury and modern technology, which gave the car a sporting character. A year later, out of the hands of Jerry took another 2 cars for older brothers.

In 1987, the cars begin to gather at the small family enterprise, and in 1992 the production moved to Malaysia on the initiative of the former Prime Minister of this country. After this event, the company appeared to be more than 4 new factory with non-standard equipment and cars began to ship around the world. A few years later, Jerry creates a new car Bufori La JOYA, which becomes a real neo combining elegant appearance, uncompromising safety and striking power.

The latest development of the company is a luxury sedan Geneva, created specifically to the 80-th anniversary of the Geneva auto show.

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