Bugatti Eb 110 Gallery


Serial option 2-seater coupe Bugatti EB 110 was first produced in 1991, edition Bugatti EB 100 was discontinued in 1996. The name of the car was in honor of the 110 years since the birth of Ettore Bugatti. The appearance of Bugatti EB 110 was designed by Marcello Gandini, Gianpaolo Bandini. Brand new engine for Bugatti EB 100 was created by designers under the direction of Nicola Materazzi.

Manual transmission Bugatti EB 110 was developed with the participation of the company Porsche. Beauty Bugatti EB 100, which can be entered through the high arched doors, has a fine finish from high-quality genuine leather and walnut. On the large dashboard is the control of air conditioning and electrical programming support surface. In 1994 Bugatti EB 110 bought the famous Michael Schumacher.

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