History of Cametal

"Cametal" (abbreviated from "Carrocerias Metalicas ") - body manufacturer from Argentina, based in Villa Gobernador Galvez. The firm began in the nearby town of Rosario from 1 August 1947. At that time, all the buses and trucks in Argentina had a body made either entirely of wood, or of wood and metal. "Cametal" was the first company in the country, made a full metal body. The founders of the company were Francisco Roman (former Director of the "Empresa de Transporte de Rosario"), Francisco Opinel (the owner of the body shop since 1918), Joseph Lazar, a former Director of several transport companies), Louis Colin (former head of the technical Department of plant ETR).

After 25 years, the firm has become a leader in the industry of Argentina in body construction. In 1972, the company occupied an area in the entire 5 acres.

The first buses Cametal" were purchased for the municipal needs of the city of Rosario. The firm put its own body develop first on the chassis of "MAN", and then included in the range and "Leyland". Since 1980 the company started to produce model chassis bus "Mercedes-Benz" and "Ford".

Income Cametal" began to decline in 1993, after the opening of import penetration in the country buses manufactured in Brazil, which had a more favorable price. The company could not withstand such a hit that led to the closure of this area in March 1995, after 48 years of operation.

In June 1995, the company bought the North American "CAMSA", which had planned to build a complex for the production of automotive chassis and engines next to body shops. However, the project was unsuccessful. "Cametal was able to resume activity only in 1998, when it was acquired by the company Metalsur".

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