History of Casalini

"Casalini is an Italian company founded in 1939. Its main activity is development and production of mopeds and microcare. The company is the oldest manufacturer of sidecars in the world. The plant is located in the city of Piacenza.

The company also produced mopeds and bicycles until the late sixties. First, a scooter left the factory in 1969. Model Sulky, which was a three-wheeled car was created for people who do not have a driver's license, and had an engine displacement of less than 50 cubic cm Was released more than 10,000 such microcare.

Since 1994 the company "Casalini" began to produce ATVs. The first of them was called Kore 500. In the future this model technically and aesthetically evolved, giving life to new. Also, the company expanded the range of products, offering its customers the trucks on the basis of minicarb. Today cars "Casalini" can be found in the markets of all European countries.

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